Bright but blindingly chilling...

17th January.


Something plays on the radio, jazz funk of some form. All good.

Feeling much more chipper than last time. My arms hurt from physical work, my face feels weather beaten. My hands are spattered in black paint. But my mind feels clear and fresh. The relentless toil of the cabin, continues, mainly internal works, vapour barrier, OSB on the structural lateral walls, and when the weather allows I’m out cladding in beautiful cedar the Northern gable.

The coffee hopefully has brewed now, so I shall pour that and come back to you…


Ok, coffee in a ‘Labrodor’ mug. Speaking of which, the dogs are insane. Zippy is spending every second she has to shag poor old Tarka, who looks brow beaten and slightly scared. ‘Oh no not again, she’s coming for me’ She doesn’t think, ‘but Zippy, you are a girl, you can’t shag me’ That because they is both bitches innit.


So circumstance haven’t really changed, we are still in the same boat (literally in this weather) but my mental state is coping with the storm, perhaps shutting it out is more appropriate than ‘coping’ Its coming. But its not there yet!!


I have been thinking how exciting the cabin is, I mean there is light at the end of the tunnel, we can start thinking about décor, bathroom units, and the whole marketing machine behind it. I must write a blog. I keep putting things off as I have so much to do, but soon I need to get a small website together and start posting to the world…Facebook is another thing that needs to happen.


I took a short break an hour ago and slumped in one of the chairs and looked out across the fields towards Kings Nympton, it was sunny and breezy, and it reminded how bloody cool this whole project is. Those lucky guests, who can sit in that same position, the fire crackling behind, supping a tea or some find bodied red wine, relax, breathe, slow down, do nothing, just breathe and marvel.

That’s what I’m going to do when this bad boy is built, even if its just for an afternoon, I’m going to do exactly that, SIT, BREATHE, SLOW>


Back to the grindstone!

a sea of claggy clay

a sea of claggy clay