The rush of life gets left behind. The hedgerows rise and dip as they roll by.
Swallows loop overhead. A buzzard circles effortlessly. Greener and greener the landscape shifts. More birdsong. Less traffic. More sky. Less noise. Just ancient trees, wild flowers nodding in the breeze, sparkling streams  and a luxury cedar cabin looking out over the Taw Valley and beyond to Exmoor.

Langabridge Farm : a luxury holiday cabin in North Devon, miles from anywhere, with rare breed beef and pork from the farm.


Slowness. Simplicity.  Greenery. Scenery. 

The Nap, grows out of the field, stuck in the middle of nowhere,the hooting owls your closest neighbour,  

A few fields away, The Tremewan Herd of Dexter beef cattle and in the woods Oxford Sandy black pigs rooting and snuffling around.

At Langabridge we offer a fine place to stay with fine food grown on the farm all in the countryside that sings for itself. That’s it.


Rare breed Dexter beef and Pork

Langabridge Farm is small. Only 40 acres. There is nothing intensive here, just happy grazing cattle with their own valley views and Oxford Sandy and Black pigs, snuffling and rooting around for pleasure.

All our meat is grown, fed and butchered in Devon within a 15mile radius. We sell to our guests at the cabin, to our friends and local pubs. We keep it small, simple and natural and it shows in the wonderful flavours.